yes yes

Weird thing happend today.. I quit my job at the café.
he was cutting back at my hours and I felt it wasn't worth it anymore... still feel like Im never home.
I've been totally stressed out. Now, I can hopefully find some time to relax and get my thoughts together.

This weekend I'm gonna compete in Taekwondo. I look forward to it, but i haven't really realized that it's already! We're actually leaving for weigh in tomorrow :S

Sort of kind of changed the design for my blogg... now it's crazy colored. But I like it. For now.. :)
Gonna try to get some sleep. I could really use it!

Hugs n kisses,

Station 8

Mattias went to Joel to play poker saturday.
I felt like going out.. dancing. Så, when I finally decide to go he comes back home. Typical!
Anyway, I did go and I'm glad I did. i hooked up with Åsa and it was real fun. Have'nt seen her in a while.
We went to Station 8 after some karaoke at her friends place.
Met up with my sister... danced.. had fun :)
Only reason why I wrote this was so that I could show you som pictures! :)
have a good one!

Jag (med min matchande drink) och Åsa

Syrran o jag :)


Tonight's taekwondo practice was real fun! :D
I'm really tired. In a good way.

Tomorrow - lunch with Jessica

Wednesday - shopping + coffee with Julia! :) (and Linn?)

I'm looking forward to both things.

I've gotten started on four of the six dances I'm making for the spring show. Three of them feels real good.
They worked real well with the students and I think they like them.
I'm still gonna have to practically live in the dance studio during easter holidays.
But it's starting to get fun, so it's OK!
Still gonna have time for my girls!

Love ya!